Illinois-based Technologists Find New Use for RF Transceiver Modules

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Security System

The average RF transceiver is used in a sensor circuit or a wireless networking card. Other devices are relegated to more mundane communications-related chores, such as two-way radio applications. A group of engineers in northern Illinois have found a large number of new uses for these modules, which has started to turn heads in the electronics industry.

Some of the Sidekiq™ RF transceiver modules that they’ve been working with ship in a convenient mini PCIe form factor. This allows technologists to incorporate them into nearly any piece of equipment that uses standard commodity PC components. Since these are commonly found in most hardware labs, there isn’t much of an additional cost to consider when working with them.

Designers of smart business technology can therefore incorporate some form of RF transmission device into almost any project that they might be working on. Modes of

communication can be both analog and digital, which makes these solutions extremely flexible. Analog voice and some form of computer transmission could theoretically share a group of channels, especially if spread spectrum algorithms are used to hop between a series of available frequencies.

Assuming that such an algorithm was accurately configured, there’s no reason to believe that channel collisions would be a common occurrence. Some authorities may end up turning to these modules so that they can carry more information in a smaller space. Considering the large number of systems currently online, that’s quickly becoming an important feature.

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